Purandaradasa Study Chair

Purandaradasa Addhyayana Peetha ,is  established for the propagation of the study of life, literary works of Saint Purandaradasa of mediaeval era.  Since 18 years, the chair of studies of Purandaradasa has engaged itself for the above motive through the mode of special lectures by eminent scholars , seminars and publications on the valuable works on Purandaradasa.  The publications include critical reviews and scholarly articles which are deciphered on the larger canvas of mediaeval and contemporary circumstances.

Being praised as the most celebrity among the dasa’s, naturally there are numerous   studies on Purandaradasa.  However, still there is an ample scope for the study on his works and life to decipher through multidisciplinary approaches.  The very purpose   of establishing this chair of studies is ratified with arranging seminars, workshops and projects on Purandaradasa.

  • To study of Purandaradasa and his works in the arena of entire Dasa literatuare.
  • To decipher the larger progressive social approaches of Purandaradasa and his works in particular and of entire Dasa’s in general.
  • To adapt multidisciplinary approach in the studies of Purandaradasa and his works.
  • To understand the significance of works of Purandaradasa in the arena of contemporary and modern globalised circumstances.
  • To publish works on Purandaradasa and his works
  1. The historical, socio-cultural environment of Vijayanagara where Purandaradasa spent his larger part of his life suits for the establishement of Purandaradasa Addhyayana peetha.
  2. Since its inception, the chair of studies of Purandaradas has engaged itself as a pivotal centre for the study through synthesizing Purandaradasa’s life and literature in the larger canvas of  applied and cognate interdependent disciplines of knowledge.
  3. Uniqueness of Kannada Univeristy as the lone language university of the state which encompasses the diverse studies on folklore, translation, Dravidian culture, kannada literature, manuscriptology, women’s studies has influenced the studies of Purandaradasa Peetha as the conveners of the peetha belonged to the different domains of schools of thoughts.
Major Programmes & contribution of the Chair :
  1. The peetha has engaged itself in the study of Purandaradasa’s works, collection of articles on Purandaradasa, collection and consolidation of critical studies, liberal social approaches of Dasas and also contemporary discourses.
  2. The chair of studies of Purandaradasa has conducted seminars on entire Dasa literature keeping Purandaradasa at its principal focus in the background of Dravidian studies and Bhakti movement of South India.
  3. The chair of studies of Purandaradasa has attempted to study and to decipher the major and neglected streams of bhakti movements  of South India through the discourses on the major South Indian literature.  .
  4. The project ‘Dasa Sahitya kaipidi’ attempts to edit and compile the works of beginning era of Dasa Sahitya and its propagation with its historical perspective.

Dr.  Sucheta Navaratna

Associate Professor

Department of Studies in Dravidian culture

Kannada Univeristy, Hampi

Conferences/ Seminars / Workshops/ Endowment Lectures etc. Organised by the Department.
  1. Mattu  Samakaalina Prajne’  by Dr Swamirao Kulkarni, on 30/01/2014 at LVD College , Raichur.
  2. National Seminar on ‘Bhakti tradition of South India & Dasa literature OR Dakshina Bharatada Bhakti Parampare Mattu Dasa Sahitya’ at Samarasa Bhavana, Karnataka Sangh, Matunga Road, Mumbai on 24 & 25th January, 2015.
  3. A special lecture on ‘Forgetting moral questions in politicizing the eating habits OR Aahar Rajakaaranadalli kaleduhoguva Naitikateya Prashnegalu’ by Dr Ashok Disouza of Rani Channamma University on 06.02.2016 at Pampa Sabhangana, Kannada University
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