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The music department was started in 1997. Keeping in view the supreme value of Hindustani classical music in Karnataka, the curriculum of the department was designed. The department offers training in traditional and classical music in Hindustani style, according to regular mode of teaching. Identifying the intensity of Carnatic music lovers, the university has decided to start Carnatic music classes shortly. It also has a vision of starting dance classes in order to enrich our tradition.

The department imparts skills to the students through lectures with theory and practical demonstration by eminent lecturers and scholars with accompanists. Practical training is being imparted to the students with innovative notions. The students are being guided and trained by eminent musicians and scholars. The outcome of the department is astounding as the department concentrates on quality teaching. The students of the department have given several performances all over Karnataka and have won accolades. Once in a week, stage performance is organised by the department where the students’ performance is assessed. The department regularly organizes programmes and performances from renowned artists and also a programme by eminent singers on every full moon day.

The department takes up regular courses for B.Music and M.Music to enable the students to build a career in Music. The department aims to set up an independent and well equipped training wing to provide necessary facilities in music. The department is being handled by highly qualified, capable and experienced faculty. Authentic guidance is given to students by visiting scholars on a regular basis. The department has set up a research wing which is engaged
in collecting rare compositions of the old masters, ustads and pandits. The department is striving hard to produce great musicians who would dedicate their lives for the enrichment of music and the rich Indian culture.

Vision Statement of the Department
  • Creating great artists by training them through traditional pedagogical practices.
  • Inviting world familiar artist to guide, inspire and motivate the music buds of our department.
  • To make the students to pass on the massage of music around the region, state, country and abroad. The melody and rhythm of the department should cross the ocean to identify the music department of Kannada University globally.
  • It also has a vision to start carnatic music especially to facilitate the carnatic music lovers.
Mission Statement of the Department
  • Regular mode of teaching is used to sculpt young musicians.
  • By creating a repository of musical collections, biographies of eminent musicians, our research students are presented with epitome of scholarship in the field. Our department aims to make them eminent artists who in turn can lead a self- reliant life.
Uniqueness of the Department

This department which is enriched by the culture of Vijayanagar highly aims in the continuation of musical heritage. So it has started its remarkable journey of music. The music students are encouraged by involving them in different programmes. Various music scholars and artiest are invited who train up the students. Full moon day programme is organized once in a month where eminent artists are invited for performance. The students of the department also take active participation on the full moon day programme. The department is unique as it has an extrovert and expert faculty. The experienced faculty guides and motivates the students. The department concentrates on Hindustani classical vocal. The students are also taught light vocal, folk, philosophical, theatre songs and others. Sangeetayatre, a distinct programme is followed by the department.

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Programms  of the Department

Ph.D. Programme

Courses offered :

M.Music. (Hindustani Classical Vocal )

B.Music. (Hindustani Classical Vocal)


Details of the faculties :

NameDesignationHighest QualificationSpecialization
Dr. V.S. BadigerProfessor AND Chair PersonPh.DKannada Literature
Major Research Projects
Major Contribution of the Department :

The department is contributing immensely to the field of music and also to the academics. Since its beginning to the present, it is continuing its heritage with absolute perfection. Various seminars organized and vocal performances are performed by eminent artists with the involvement of the students. Students are taught the classical and light classical music. Semi-classical musical forms like tumri, bajan, Ghazal, Sufi, rangageet, dasavani and vachana gayana are taught through stimulating to practice to the core. Theoretical knowledge is imparted through information on eminent artists, musical legends and instrumentalists. Presentation classes are conducted once in a week where the students have to present information on the life of musicians and on different gharanas. Students are encouraged to participate in musical concert and in different competitions. Practical performance is given by the teachers where the students would be the observers who can learn new techniques and are motivated towards creativity. Students are even provided with materials to attend the musical competitions. Once in a week, on Friday ‘Ninada’ (Manch Pradarshana) stage programme is arranged to help the students to eradicate stage fear. At the final hour of the stage performance programme, audios of legendary musicians are made to hear by the students.

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