Department of Anthropology

The department was established in 2008. The department has twin objective:

  1. To produce knowledge of communities in Karnataka and
  2. To disseminate Anthropological knowledge through publication and teaching. The Department has organized workshops, seminars, and conferences on issues such as local, regional and oral anthropology. The Department has collaborated with prestigious national institutions. The main focus of the department is cultural Anthropology. The knowledge produced is also helpful in policy intervention with regard to the government policies regarding communities both settled as well as nomadic and semi nomadic. The department is engaged in bringing out a comprehensive encyclopedia on Karnataka Anthropology.
Vision Statement of the Department
  • To be a department which acts as one stop for all community related information in Karnataka
  • Documentation and analysis of communities in Karnataka through Ethnographic reports
  • Building an Anthropological / Ethnographical museum
  • To be a policy interventionist with regard to communities in Karnataka
Mission Statement of the Department
  • Ethnographic Study of communities addressing the challenges that they are facing in the present.
  • Documenting the changes in the communities
  • Documenting their vanishing anthropological practices
  • Creating a museum to be the source for further analytical studies
  • To train future researchers in the field
Uniqueness of the Department

Though a small department and started late in the University, the department has put an initial foundation to the study of communities, historical changes, ethnographic documentation through research by the faculty members as well as students. Hopefully we will be able to achieve our vision through this solid foundation in the coming years.

Department Profile

Programmes/Courses of the Department

Ph.D. in Anthropology

M.Phil. in Anthropology

Courses offered  :

PG Diploma in Anthropology


Details of the faculties :

NameDesignationHighest QualificationSpecialization
Dr. Tharihalli Hanumanthappa Professor & ChairpersonPh.D. Kannada Literature, & Sociology
Dr. L. Srinivas Deputation Ph.D. Anthropology
Major Research Projects

Major Contribution of the Department :

Apart from the research projects of the faculty members, there are 7 Ph.D. dissertations have been awarded in the department and currently 18 research scholars are pursuing their research in the department.   The department also offers M.Phil. programme.

Conference/Seminars/Workshops/Endowment Lectures etc :

Details of Publications, Books and Research Articles (with ISBN,ISSN and without ISBN, ISSN) : 

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Dr. Tharihalli Hanumanthappa

Professor &  Chair Person

Department of Anthropology

Kannada University, Hampi

Vidyaranya – 583276

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Phone : 9448989275