Department of Kannada Literature Studies

Department of Studies in Kannada Literature, Kannada University, Hampi was started in 1992. Noted Scholar of Delhi University, Prof. T. S. Sathyanath took charge as its first Head of the Department. Subsequently, it was headed by noted writers such as Prof. 0. L. Nagabhushana Swamy, Prof. H. S. Raghavendra Rao and other eminent erudite scholars of Kannada. Presently, the Department is headed by Dr. Amaresh Nugdoni. Dr. Rahamat Tarikere, Dr. Venkatesh Indavadi, Dr. B. M. Puttaiah, and Dr. Mallikarjun Vanenuru  are the members of the department.

Kannada Literature has a monumental history of 1600 years. The Kannada Departments across the Universities in the state have been rendering their bit to explore this vast Kannada Literature. The department is striving to engage with this 1600 years of Kannada literature and the body of literature produced on it in the last little more than 100 years and develop an alternative perspective on it.

Vision Statement of the Department

  • The department sees literature not as a chronologically arranged body of texts and authors but as the embodiment of life of Kannadigas in the past, thus taking the analysis of literature in its social and cultural moorings, towards cultural studies.
  • The department expands the boundaries of literature to include oral, written, ritualistic practices encoded in language as well as in materialistc practices to produce a body of research on various issues related to history, community, culture, society and polity.
  • To develop appropriate methodologies of literary analysis for the purpose.
  • To bring out Kannada poetics by undertaking theoretical studies as well as gleaning out the theoretical underpinnings found in the writings of Kannada writers and others who have worked on Kannada literature.

Mission Statement of the Department

  • To engage with old texts with contemporary perspectives the Department has created a series called Samskritika Mukhamukhi (cultural encounter), several volumes have already been published in this series and the series continues.
  • Along with that engage with important writers/researchers of 20th century to create a sense of academic history of Kannada Studies, two programs have been held already in this series.
  • To engage with the literature produced by contemporary new generation writers.
  • To engage with the little known, less known streams of Kannada literature/culture

Uniqueness of the Department

The department has taken the literary studies from being simply the literary criticism to research level by engaging with issues of aesthetics/poetics and culture taking the question of methodology seriously. The department has raised several historical, political, social issues bringing it to the fore through literary studies and enlarging the scope of literary studies. The department has also tried to engage with Kannada literature not only placing it in the larger socio-political context of its production and consumption but also along with other literatures exploring the interrelations between Kannada and the languages/literatures/philosophies that have shaped Kannada literature thus avoiding the danger of simply engaging in textual explication.

Department Profile

Programs/Courses of the Department

Ph.D. in Kannada Literature Studies

M.Phil. in Kannada Literature Studies

Courses offered :

M.A.Ph.D., (Kannada Literature ) Integrated Programmes

M.A.Ph.D.  (Women Studies) OE in Dialect Studies

BOS Minits


Details of the faculties :

Dr. B.M. PuttaiahProfessorPh.D.Cultural Studies
Dr. R. Venkatesh IndvadiProfessor Ph.D.Folk Epics
Dr. Venkatagiri DalavayiAssociate Professor Ph.D.Kannada Literature
Dr. Mallikarjuna VanenoorProfessor and ChairpersonPh.D.Kannada Literature
Dr. Govinda Assistant Professor Ph.D.Kannada Literature
Major Research Projects

Major Contribution of the Department :

  1. Altering the ways in which some of the old texts were perceived through Samskritika Mukamukhi series.
  2. Enlarging the scope of literary studies by placing it in the larger historical and philosophical context.
  3. Producing a body of Knowledge on contemporary new-generation writings
  4. Creating a pool of scholars to undertake such studies.
Conference/Seminars/Workshops/Endowment Lectures etc :

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Professor and chairperson

Department of Kannada Literature

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