Student Welfare Cell

Kannada University has a separate student welfare office, Coordinator by Dr. Venkathagiri Dalvai which provides a range of service for students, enabling them to realize to their potential and participate fully in their university and beyond.


Dr. Ramesh Nayak
Professor, Dept. of Studies in Ancient History And Archaeology
Kannada University, Hampi
Vidyaranya – 583 276

  • Encouragement to their learning process.
  • Guidance to improve their academic performance.
  • Advice on regularly attending classes and actively participating in group activities.
  • Suggestions on how to maximize and focus their academic endeavours.


  • Provide academic counselling
  • Give personal and professional guidance
  • Support extra-curricular and welfare activities of the students
  • Arrange remedial measures for students who are at the risk of failure
  • Identify those with learning difficulties and personal problems

Student Welfare Cell For the all-round development of student’s welfare cell is running under the guidance of Kannada University, Hampi. Every year class representatives are chosen by this cell from each class on merit as well as election basis. Besides this, the problems of students are listened and solved through Tutorial groups and seminars on social topics. The college also provides the facility of weak class for the students who are weak in English and Computers.


Major Programs

The following programmes were organized under SWC

  • Regular Conducting Swacch Bharath Abhiyana Program
  • Regular Conducting Student Counselling Program
  • Pancard and Passport Mela.
  • Career opportunities in GO and NGOs
Major contribution of the department :
  • Tutorial System: Tutorials give students an opportunity to practice their analytical thinking and problem solving ability. It gives them an opportunity to learn from other students and it also develops group living skills. A close contact between a teacher and taught is also established. Each student is allotted a tutorial group at the time of admission. About 15-20 students are kept in one tutorial group.
  • Student Aid Fund: A financial assistance is given to the needy students, Programme to meet their tuition or examination fee and other expenses related to studies from Students aid fund established in the college.
Details of the Faculty
NameQualificationYears of Service
Dr Ramesh Nayak
Dept. of Studies in Ancient History and Archaeology
Kannada University, Hampi
Vidyaranya – 583276
M.A. M.Phil., Ph.D. (Kannada)18
Department Profile
Student Supports :

The Student Welfare Cell effectively co-ordinates with other cells which look after the welfare of the students and guides as well as encourages them to avail the facilities offered by them.

  1. Examination Cell: Examination Cell is devoted to uniform transparent and credible conduct of examinations.
  2. Attendance Cell (Adhyanhanga): Attendance Cell monitors day to day attendance with monthly display on Notice Boards and University website.
  3. S.S. Unit: N.S.S. Unit brings our students closer to the society and inculcates social awareness among them.
  4. Student Guidance Clinic: Student Guidance Clinic offers guidance and counselling to the needy students.
Conferences/ Seminars / Workshops/ Endowment Lectures etc. Organised by the SWC :

Contact Us

Dr.Venkathagiri Dalvai

Associate Professor

Dept. of  Studies in Kannada Literature

Kannada University, Hampi

Vidyaranya – 583276

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