Center For Women Studies
Center for women studies

Centre for Women’s Studies was established in Kannada University during the year 2005 under UGC assistance Programs. With the faculty members who were specialized in Women’s Issues. The Centre undertakes examination and rewriting of existing knowledge in all the disciplines from a feminist perspective. Apart from examining existing knowledge the projects related to gender studies are also taken up in major way. The Centre intends to produce a sensitive and strong young generation which can ably further the cause of gender equality in society. The Centre focuses on Teaching, Research and Extension activities. Through these activities the Centre tries to build gender equal society in this region and also incorporate local knowledge in the Epistemology.

  • To Incorporate feminist perspective in all existing knowledge
  • To produce and disseminate gender related knowledge in Kannada
  • To create awareness about gender equality
  • To create a strong feminist network in Karnataka
  • To enhance the ranking of women empowerment in Hyderabad Karnataka


  • To promote Multi-Disciplinary Research on Women’s Studies
  • To promote Teaching of women’s Studies in Kannada language
  • To Produce Women’s Studies Reading materials in Kannada
  • To develop theory, method, and concept to meet the challenges of research in Women’s Studies
  • To conduct gender related seminars, workshops, symposium and special Lectures and Health camps in Karnataka
  • To adopt one village as a model for gender equity
  • To promote extensions activates in collaboration with GOs and NGOs
  • To make available research/knowledge on gender issues to both academics and those who are interested through publications, databases and web services.
Uniqueness of the Centre

The keen interest of members of this centre in various fields makes this centre unique and special. Dr.Shivananda S Viraktamath has been instrumental in contemplating Women’s Culture and Religion. Dr.Yerriswamy E. is interested in carrying out research on Women, Caste Hierarchy and Ambedkar Perspective.

Major activities and programmes of the Centre
  1. M.A., 4 Semesters (Women Studies)
  2. P.G. Diploma (Women Studies)

The center started M.A. in women’s studies and PG Diploma in Women’s Studies courses during the year 2007-08. Nine students have completed their P.G course in the academic year 2008-09. Owing to some technical reasons, the center could not run the course during academic year 2008-09. Now the center has planned to run the course again for the year 2016-17.

Major Contributions of the Centre
  • Starting and continuing a journal in Kannada for the benefit of scholars
  • Successful intervention in society through extension activities and research
  • History of Women’s Literature in Kannada
  • Filed work oriented ethnographic research
Details on UGC, SAP, DST, ICSSR and other similar projects given by government agency-
specify the UGC, SAP and any other projects funded by government of Karnataka.
Funding AgencyAmount SanctionedDuration
UGC CWS-Phase I5,00,000/- (Non-Recurring)
19,35,370/- (Recurring)
UGC CWS-Phase I31,07,234/- (General)
6,54,154/- (SC)
3,27,077/- (ST)
ICSSR, Workshop Grant 5,50,0002016-17
Details of the faculties (Names with qualification and years of service)
SI NONameDesignation QualificationYears of service
1Dr. Shailaja HiremathDirector M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D.25
Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Endowment Lectures etc. organised by the Centre
Details of the Student (No. of Students of M.A. Ph.D. Integrated, Ph.D. P.D.F, Social category-wise): Nil
Research Projects undertaken in the Centrel
Name of the ResearcherTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyAmountYearCompleted/ on Going
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Women Participation in Local Governance of Hyderabad Karnataka RegionCWS
Kannada University, Hampi
Details of Publications Books &Research Articles (with ISBN, ISSN and without ISBN, ISSN)

Details of Publications Books

Name of the AuthorName of the BookName of the PublisherYear of PublicationISBN / ISSN
Dr. Yerriswamy E.
(One of Editorial Members in the book)
Bharanya, A Felicitation VolumeDr. Harikrishna Bharanya Felicitation Committee, Koppa, Chikamagaluru2014978-93-83765-15-7
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Mahila Horata Nadedubanda Hadi (Monograph)Aravind India, Bangaluru2016978-81-933113-4-9

Details of Publications Articles

Name of the AuthorName of the AuthorName of the JournalYear of PublicationISSN / ISBN
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Gender Discrimination, Caste System and Patriarchy Achala20142320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Protection of Domestic Violence Against Women Act-2005Achala20142320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Gender Thoughts In IndiaAchala20142320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Representation of Rape in Cinema Achala20142320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Political History of Women’s MovementAchala20152320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Women’s Movement campaign in IndiaAchala20152320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Gender Perception in Girish Karnad Drama Agni and MaleDramatical Literature in Dravidian Languages
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Reproductive Technology: Feminist Point of ViewsInternational Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies20162394-4404
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Perspectives on Liberation of Caste and Gender IssuesInternational Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies20162394-0628
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Depiction of Rape in Indian CinemaGlobal Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies2016Dr. Yerriswamy E Depiction of Rape in Indian Cinema Global Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies 2016 2348-0459
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Role of Women Empowerment Through Education in KarnatakaKaav International Journal of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences20162348-4349
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Dr. Yerriswamy E Mahila Hakkugala rakshaneya swarupa Human Rights: Contemporary Issues and Challenges Proceeding 2017 978-93-82694-32-8Human Rights: Contemporary Issues and Challenges Proceeding2017978-93-82694-32-8
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Women’s Members Participation and Function in Gram PanchayatsAchala20172320-9445
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Mahila Horatada Beru-teruArahu-Kuruhu20172347-5048
Dr. Yerriswamy E.Caste and Gender Exploitation Explored by Sharmila RegeHosatu20172319-7307
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