Halmidi inscription is the most ancient Epigraph where kannada language was recorded as ‘Letter’ This was a period of 540 A.D It was the glorious beginning of kannada where kannada language, epigraphy, historical records of great kings of kannada and cultural heritage of kannada were presented in the form of Halmidi. The emblem carved at the head part of the Halmidi inscription is meaningful. This emblem adopted by kannada university is indeed worthful.

The mission of university “Mathembudu jyothirlinga” is worthful. The conception of Linga in Indian cultural heritage is phenomenal. This conception is five thousand years ancient. This conception is the recorded in Harappa culture. It is the symbol of the powerful creation of the universe. Jyothirlinga is an intellectual symbol of knowledge, consciousness and drives of creativity. Language is a form of representation of all this phenomena. The mission of Kannada University, ‘Mathembudu Jyothirlinga, Swaravembudu Parathathva’ is an extraction of Allamaprabhu’s Vachana. This is a Universal statement excluding the religious denominations ‘speech is no different from wisdom’. University is a temple of wisdom is an abode of entire branch of wisdom. The mission of Kannada University is research and innovation of knowledge. Unlike other universities, Kannada University is not confined to the field of few districts. It crosses the horizon of Karnataka. It has a wider scope representing Kannada culture. Selection of heraldic symbol is a distinctive badge of this organization.