Department of Kannada Language Studies

The department came into existence along with the establishment of University in 1992. The main aim of the Department is to carry out research on Kannada Linguistics and related areas. The department’s mandate is to work on the way Kannada language is historically changing and intervene in the process of change in its usage and structure. The Department has carried out several projects to this effect till today and has published many of its outcomes. The department is planning to have a phonetic lab and school of Language management in future. The department Library has books 4500 books in English and Kannada which are available for reference.


Vision Statement of the Department
  • To be a premier institute with regard to Kannada language usage and studies
  • To study other languages present in Karnataka
  • To produce knowledge that can be applied in the fields like teaching/learning Kannada, Media, Using Kannada in all domains
  • To act like a single forum for teachers of Kannada and others who are interested in studying aspects related to language (its history, structure, changes, usage)
  • To create a corpus of Kannada language
Mission Statement of the Department
  • To create a grammar of Kannada based on the current usages of Kannada free of Sanskrit and English grammar models
  • To produce more domain oriented glossaries (both traditional occupations as well as modern domains)
  • To tackle the problems of teaching/learning languages through research
  • Along with Namma Kannada, create other forums to foster the research in the field of Kannada language studies
  • To include study of other languages of Karnataka; study of Banjara language has already begun
Uniqueness of the Department

The department is studying linguistic aspects of Kannada and other languages in Karnataka are a unique department  Karnataka which focuses exclusively on linguistics of Kannada and other languages of Karnataka. Its theoretical orientation is also different from other linguistics department found in conventional Universities. Apart from research it has also created a pool of scholars in the field to undertake necessary fieldwork and theorization of the same. In this pool not only the students who have studies in our Department are found but also other teachers of Kannada who are enthusiastic in studying Kannada linguistically with new orientation have been included

Department Profile

Programme/Courses of the Department

Ph.D. in Kannada Language Studies

M.Phil. in Kannada Language Studies

PG Diploma in Kannada Language Studies

Courses offered :


Details of the faculties :

NameDesignationHighest QualificationSpecialization
Dr. D. Pandurannga Babu ProfessorPh.D.Linguistics
Dr. Ashok KumarProfessor & ChairpersonPh.D.Literature &Linguistics
Dr. P. MahadevaiahProfessor Ph.D.Linguistics
Major Research Projects

Major Contribution of the Department :
  1. Identification, documentation and analysis of the regional and social dialects of Kannada.
  2. Extending, revising and reconstruction the knowledge of the structure of Kannada language and its social dynamics.
  3. Identifying problems of using Kannada in various domains such as Administration, Mass Communication, and Education and also in Day to day activities to suggest remedies.
  4. Retrieving linguistic material from traditional knowledge and transform it as a resource for further research
  5. Creating a pool of resource persons in the field for further research
  6. Creating a Forum for discussion on resent trends in Kannada Linguistics
Conference/Seminars/Workshops/Endowment Lectures etc :

Details of Publications, Books and Research Articles (with ISBN,ISSN and without ISBN, ISSN) : 

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Dr. Ashok Kumar

Professor  and Chairperson

Department of Kannada Language Studies

Kannada University, Hampi

Vidyaranya – 587276

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Mobile : 9448580103