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Kannada University, Hampi Established the Department of Visual Art in 1993. Inter alias, with the expression of intention to realise its dynamic and lofty ideal of evolving a live, cultural centre of higher learning in Karnataka. No other University in the state, without having any specific model before us, we had to exert a lot to the department with a meaningful structure and to make it functional. The Department of Visual Art is an integral part of the faculty of Fine Arts, Kannada University – Hampi Karnataka. This Department offers specialized courses in P.G. Painting, In 2008-09 the Dept. Art teachers training course in Bachelor of Visual Art Education (B.V.A. Edn.) and in 2003 Master of Visual Art (MVA), In 1997 M.Phil and Ph.D. Courses were introduced. These Courses have enrolled based on the intention of enabling Research and Teaching Oriented Careers apart from the Intensive Curriculum Design which is reviewed periodically by recasting Syllabus of the Courses in the board of Studies. The Department is conducting Seminars, workshops, artist camps and exhibitions for the development of students.  The Courses are designed in such a manner so that the students undergo serious research of their selected topics, research writings presenting through the in-depth knowledge.

Visual Arts department Infrastructure

It includes all the facilities for the department and is well equipped and furnished with the all

following facilities.

  1. Independent room for H.O.D.
  2. Independent Faculty members room
  3. Independent Class rooms for Theory and Practical
  4. Demonstration rooms
  5. Auditorium
  6. Computer Lab.
  7. Library
  8. Art Gallery-
  9. a) Permanent Gallery (Museum): Department Collection.
  10. b) Circular Art Gallery:  Open to all.
  11. Store room for Paintings.
  12. Separate recreation rooms for Male and Female Students.
  13. Open Space for Outdoor work.
  14. Interior and Outdoor Garden.
Vision Statement of the Department

Aesthetic sense is universal. Hence all Fine Arts are the outcome of it through different media expressing individual experience of sense of beauty. Its main purpose is to promote culture through the department of visual arts since the motto is to prepare artist in conductive educational atmosphere/environment, to create awareness of sense of beauty and appreciation of arts among children including common people leading to our national culture update. Our vision is to keep the department in the Event Grade of art education in India, by remaining open to new ideas and challenges and providing students with the maximum possible exposure to the continuous development as well as the fundamentals of visual art

Mission Statement of the Department

Keeping with the lofty goals of the University, the research activities of the department are directed to discover and rediscover the art of Karnataka and its forms, besides planning for the current and future trends in art, which often transcend the geographical and linguistic boundaries of the state. For us discovering the past does not mean mechanical resurrection of the past fanatically but it does mean identifying the eternal aspects of art so at the past can be woven into the living present. We have also been consciously reprocessing the almost forgotten and slighted folk art. With such efforts we would like to locate our own cultural identity in the global context. Of course, we are not blind to the western influence but, we have continued to preserve our art. We have been trying to add new dimensions to visual art by selective absorption of the past of western art, of course, without losing Indian identity.

Uniqueness of the Department

Study of varies of Traditional and modern  art media. To expose student to the best of world art especially on our own cultural heritage along with contemporary development by conducting workshops and lectures. Constant evaluation through tutorials studios desiccation and assignment To carry out comparative research in the visual art culture of India. To act as a platform for scholars working in Visual Art studies. To make up teaching/research activities for post graduate students of M.V.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. and D.Lit.  Students/ Research  scholars. To bring out series of Volumes on History of Visual Art.

Department Profile

 Programmes/Courses of the Department
  1. M.V.A. (Master of Visual Art) in painting
  2. M.Phil.
  3. Ph.D.
  4. D.Lit.

Details of the faculties :

NameDesignationHighest Qualification Specialization
Dr. MOHANRAO B. PANCHAL.Assistant Professor and Chair PersonPh.D. Painting,Sculpture
Mural Design,Art History
Aesthetics, Research methodology
Major Research Projects

Major Contribution of the Department :

Unlike other departments of the university it has two ends; the acquisition end and the dissemination end. Knowledge based-theoretical and practical through research and practice are being disseminated through certain structured media of communication. Seminars, symposia and workshops covering  through the media by which our faculty communicates to universities, college, art gallery, surrounding villages, schools, the artists from all over the country and also from abroad.

The research results of the department are also communicated by sending our scholars to different parts of the country to participate in similar activities held in other parts of the country. We have also used print media to reach the artists and art critics across the country. We have also established contacts with centres of visual arts in our country and such contacts used to conduct for exchanging our views with our fellow artists. Since from beginning we are conducting National/International symposium, workshops, seminar and conferences, demonstrations for folk, traditional, tribal painting, art and craft, murals along with special concentration to contemporary paintings.

The department has organized several state and National level seminars, Exhibitions, Artists Camps, Demonstrations so far. These seminars have been organized not only in Kannada University campus but also in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai, Pondycherri, Kerala, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Punjab, Pune, Bengaluru, Belgaum, Tumkur, Mysore, Badami. Kolkatta etc. but also in Jakarta(Indonesia), Italy and Dehradun.

Conference/Seminars/Workshops/Endowment Lectures etc :

Details of Publications, Books and Research Articles (with ISBN,ISSN and without ISBN, ISSN) : 

Contact Us

Dr.Mohanrao B. Panchal

Assistant Professor  and Chair Person

Department of Visual Arts

Kannada University, Hampi

Vidyaranya – 583 276

Email :

Mobile : 9448732568