Center for Translation

Translation Center was instituted at Kannada University, Hampi in 2005 in order to ensure the mutual translation between Kannada and other languages.

Main objectives of the center are as below:
  • To translate selected classical works of Kannada to other languages.
  • To translate the works which present the contemporary attitude and tendency of Kannada to other languages and vice versa.
  • To prepare comprehensive and representative readers of the classical and contemporary writers of Kannada in English. In the same way the readers to be prepared in Kannada on writers of other languages.
  • To translate Kannada research works to other languages and vice versa. With the help of the translators the primary need is to introduce the Kannada in English. It collaborates with Academics and Publishers of the other languages for Publication.

We invite the scholars to the translation center for translation project, if necessary and arrange the work shop. For translation the preference should be given to the direct translation. For the publication purpose the help of other institutions could be sought. Every year a longtime plan has to be made to invite different scholars of different languages.

Completed projects and published works (Translation from Kannada to English)
  1. The Singers (Vachanas of 12th Century)
  2. Golden Flock (Raama Dhanya Charite and Other works of Kanakadasa)
  3. Strings and Cymbals (Selections from Kannada Oral Epics)
  4. Slected Poems of Kuvempu
  5. Classical Kannada Poetry and Prose: A Reader (Selections: Halmidi edict, 5th Century to Janna, 13th Century Translation)
  6. Female Crativity and Vachana Literature
  7. Song of Garati
  8. Telugu Sahithya Charitre
  9. Medieval Kannada Literature: A Reader
  10. Reprovincializing Knowledge.

Dr. A. Mohana Kuntar


Center for Translation

Kannada University Hampi.

Vidyaranya – 583-276