Hyderabad Karnataka Region Development Study Chair

Hyderabad Karnataka Regional Development Board has set up the Hyderabad Karnataka Development studies/chair/bench in the department of development studies of kannada University hampi. This Chair is set up for the development of the Hyderabad Karnataka region which is the backward region of Karnataka state the board which is set up for the development of the Hyderabad Karnataka region has done a commendable job.

As we know that the Hyderabad Karnataka region lags behind as far as development is concerned  when compared with rest of the state it is very backward and lagging behind. only the mystery remains hidden. The reason for this backwardness is that remedial measures are not taken when needed and improper utilization etc. Hence, for these reasons the Hyderabad Karnataka Regional Development Board has established  Development studies in this university which is very appreciable.

Vision      Mission
  • An Advisory board will be constituted for the study Seminar and Training programmes under the auspices of the Hyderabad Karnataka Development board.
  • It reviews previous year’s schedule and proper planning for the next year
  • Conducting of seminars,conferences, workshops and studies on current problems of Hyderabad Karnataka region.
  • Conducting of training programmes for Grama panchayats, women members and workshops will be organized for taluk and district management officials
  • Special preference should be given to the development of Hyderabad Karnataka region with regard to planning, implementation and etc.

10 Lakhs rupees amount sanctioned to the University by Hyderabad Karnataka Development board is used only for regional development purpose only, viz conducting of workshops, training programs and etc undertaken by the Department of development studies of the university and university will not use this sanctioned amount for building construction, hiring or paying the salaries to the employees of the university.

There is an advisory body chaired by the Vice-Chancellor to direct the activities of this chair/Bench. The most common topics of the study include seminars workshops on the subject of Hyderabad Karnataka regional development.

Major Programmes & contribution of the Chair 

Developmental studies:

 Each year a portion of the amount will be used for theoretical and empirical studies of development undertaken by the department of development studies. These studies mainly focus on the backward areas of the state. Related to life, labour, sex, class relations, employment, migration etc in backward areas are the subject matter of the study.

Yearly Developmental activities (Seminars, workshops etc):

Every year the part of the amount which is kept by the department is used for the purpose of developmental programmes such as conducting of seminars,conferences,workshops and studies on current problems of  Hyderabad Karnataka region  these programmes are well organized  in different parts of Hyderabad  Karnataka region and attended by experts, professors administrators and etc.

Training programme:

The training programme will be organized in collaboration with the District Panchayats for the members of the most vulnerable Grama Panchayats of Hyderabad Karnataka Region. In addition to it training workshops will be organized for officers in charge of management of taluk and district level development programmes and gender training workshops for women members of Gramapanchayats.



Conferences/ Seminars / Workshops/ Endowment Lectures etc. Organised by the Department.


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