Devara Dasimaiah

Kannada University with a distinct view of introducing weaver’s community to the mainstream of the society greatly aspired to establish Devara Dasimaiah foundation. The unique aim for the establishment of the foundation is to promote the significance of the weaver’s community who belongs to the weaker section of the society. Devara Dasimaiah who belonged to the 12 century had brought drastic changes and strived to refine and reform the society by upholding the moral values. He followed the occupation of weaving. He has brought tremendous changes in society through vachana literature. Even today the ancestral occupation of weaving is followed by the community members. This community has a significant historical mythological and traditional background.   Today the majority of the people belonging to the weaving community are leading a pathetic life due to the economic crisis. They are the neglected community of society. Today the government has undertaken various programmes and implemented policies for the betterment of the community & to improve their standard of living. It hopes for the economic empowerment of the community.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his work, “Discovery of India”, presented the patchic scenario of the weaving community.

Devara Dasimaiah of the weaving community has made an incredible contribution to Vachana & literature. The assertive hope of bringing the viewers to the mainstream of the society,  ” Devara Dasimaiah foundation” was established in the Kannada university on 2008-2009.

The funds released by the government at the beginning of foundation was 10 lakhs on 24th March 2007 and 15 lakhs on 18th September 2008, that is a total of 25lakhs.

The foundation, through its active role in leading towards prosperous success. Its role involves seminars, workshops, book publications etc. It is remarkably stepping towards its goals.

The following are the members of the foundation who too active role since the beginning of the foundation.

  1. Dr. C. Mahadeva
  2. Dr. M.Kotresh
  3. Dr. Kalaveera Manvachar
  4. Dr. S.S.Angadi
  5. Dr. Govinda
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