Kuvempu Kannada Study Center , Kuppali

Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre, established in 2003, is named after versatile Kannada writer Kuvempu. His deep intellectual observations have always been a great source of social and cultural milieu. Hence, his profound thoughts on political, social and cultural issues are being employed as an effective tool to resolve the contemporary problems of our land. The Kuvempu University, situated in Shimoga district in Karnataka, was set up in 1988 to make his intellectual influence pervade all over the state. Similarly, the Rashtrakavi Kuvempu Prathishtana (Trust) established in Kuppalli village, the birthplace of Kuvempu, is actively involved in spreading the ideas of Kuvempu. Realizing the dire need of conducting research studies on the unpublished works of Kuvempu, Kannada University has set up this extension centre at Kuppalli. The Centre has been conducting M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses under able guidance of Directors deputed by Kannada University. Dr. Shiva Reddy (Dept. of Translation Studies), Dr. Hi. Chi. Boralingaiaha (Dept. of Tribal Studies), Dr. Karaigowda Beechanahally ((Dept. of Translation Studies), Dr. B. M. Puttaiah (Dept. of Kannada Literature) have rendered service as the Directors of this Centre. Presently Dr.B.M.Puttaiah is working as the Director of this Centre.

The Department of Kannada Literature (DKL), Kannada University has been taking care of academical and administrative work besides conducting entrance tests for M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses. The DKL also conducts colloquium and viva exam for Ph.D. students the concerned authorities of the department evaluate the Ph.D. and M.Phil. Dissertations. The Centre has an indigenous museum which consists of 800 native implements which are part and parcel of culture of Malnad and Coastal Karnataka region.

Vision Statement of the Department
  1. To study the literary works of Kuvempu in various knowledge disciplines.
  2. To explore the literary occupations of Kuvempu.
  3. To spread the intellectual rationalism of Kuvempu and enable scholars, readers, students and youths to get acquainted with his literary ideas.
  4. To analyze Kuvempu’s deliberations on culture, language poetry, history and tradition.
  5. To understand the constructivism of his intellectual ideas on building vibrant Kannada land.
  6. To conduct national and international seminars and symposiums on the literary works of Kuvempu.
  7. To publish the papers presented at symposiums.
  8. To develop the Museum with indigenous articles which are essential in Malnad and Coastal region.
  9. To make this a student-and scholar-friendly research centre.
  10. To create awareness on conservation of nature which is the primary source of inspiration for most of his literary works.


Mission Statement of the Department
  1. To republish the printed works of Kuvempu.
  2. To edit and publish the printed literary works of Kuvempu.
  3. To publish abridged version of Kuvempu’s intellectual ideas and make them available for students and youths.
  4. To develop the Kuvempu Sahyadri Museum.
  5. To introduce the agricultural ideas of Kuvempu to the new-age generations.
Uniqueness of the Department
  1. To study the life and works of Kuvempu.
  2. To understand the literary and social aspects of Kuvempu and publish the same in order to enable easy accessibility to research scholars.
Department Profile


Major Contributions of the Department
  1. The Department has published the comprehensive literary works of Kuvempu.
  2. Successfully conducted national-level seminars on Kuvempu’s works.
  3. Introduced the ideas of Kuvempu to all sections of the society.
Sl.NoNo. of Students
0132012-13Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre
0262013-14Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre
0392014-15Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre
04152015-16Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre
05212016-17Kuvempu Kannada Study Centre


Details of the Faculty
01Dr. B.M. Puttaiah
Professor and Head of the Department
M.A. (Literature Kannada),
28 Years
Project Assistant
2014 December to
2017 November
M.A.3 Years
02Mallika K.R.
Temporary Staff
M.A.16 Years
Temporary Staff
16 Years
Temporary Staff
10 Years
05Gurumurhti J.V.
Temporary Staff
5 Years
Conferences/ Seminars / Workshops/ Endowment Lectures etc. Organised by the 
Sl.NoName of the Organiser Title of the SeminarCollaboration Venue Date
01Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara College, UjireSeminar on kuvemu LiteratureKuvempu trust and Kuvempu Kannada Study CentreKuppali19, 20
January, 2013
02Rani Chennamma University, BelagaviA Comparative Study on Kuvempu and WordsworthKuvempu Kannada Study CentreKuppaliMarch, 2013
03Kuvempu Study Centre, KuppaliLiterature on Thejaswi 75Kuvempu TrustKuppaliApril, 5-6, 2014
04Kuvempu Study Centre, KuppaliPhotography Training on Environment of Kuvempu LiteratureKannada University, HampiKuppaliMay, 1-4, 2014
05Dept. Of Fine arts, Kannada University, Hampi Workshop on Sculpture Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliKuppaliJune, 8, 2014
06Kannada Literature Dept. Kannada University, HampiWorkshop on KannadaKuvempu study Centre, KuppaliKuppaliDecember, 29-31, 2014
07Kuvempu study CentreSpecial LectureThunga Mahavidyalaya ThithahalliThunga Mahavidyalaya ThithahalliMarch, 11, 2015
08Department of Language Studies, Kannada Univeristy, HamiKannada Nudi Balake-Arivina KammataKuvempu study Centre, KuppaliKuvempu study Centre, KuppaliMarch, 26, 2015
09Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliWorkshop on Bendre and Kuvempu LiteratureKuvempu study Centre, KuppaliKuppaliMarch, 27-29,
10Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliSpecial Lecture on KuvempuRamanashree AkademiKuvempu study Centre, KuppaliFebruary, 18, 2016
11Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliSrujana, Lekhakiyara BalagaSrujana, Lekhakiyara BalagaKuppali14, April, 2016
12Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliAmbedkar JayanthiKuppaliKuvempu study Centre, Kuppali14, April, 2016
13Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliKannada Kavya Oduva HabbaKuvempu Bhasha Bharathi Pradhikara, BangloreKuppaliKuppali 11-20, November, 2016
14Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliKuvempu Kruthi SamvadaKuvempu Kannada Study Centre, MysoreKuvempu study Centre, Kuppali12, December, 2016
15Kuvempu study Centre, KuppaliWorkshop on Kuvempu Sahithya ParisaraBaduku Community College, BangaloreKuvempu study Centre, Kuppali20-22, December, 2016
Details of the Student (No. of Students of Ph.D,. M.Phil, .M.A,.Ph.D,. Social category-wise)
Research Projects
Name of the ResearcherTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyAmountYearCompleted / On going
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyAn Inter Cultural Study on Cover pages of Kannada Literary TextsKannada University, Hampi45,0002012-13On going
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyEncyclopaedia on KuvempuKannada University, Hampi50,0002012-2015On going
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyKuvempu Soundarya MeemaamseKannada University, Hampi25,0002012-2015On going
Details of Publications Books
Name of the Author/Editor Name of the BookName
of the Publisher
Year of PublicationISBN No.
Dr. H.C. BoralingaiahMahila Manthana
Dr.Karigowda BeechanahalliEncyclopaedia on Kuvempu
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyKuvempu Soundarya MeemaamseA Kuvempu Bhasha Bharathi Pradhikara, Bangalore2016
Dr.K.C. Shivareddy, EditorA Kuvempu Bhasha Bharathi Pradhikara, Bangalore2016
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyPhotographySanchaya - 98May-June, 2012
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyHeggadithi 75Vijaya KarnatakaApril 15
Name of the AuthorName of the ArticleName of the journalYear of PublicationISSN No.
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyPhotographySanchaya - 98May-June, 2012
Dr.K.C. ShivareddyHeggadithi 75Vijaya KarnatakaApril 15
Best Practices of the Department
  1. The department conducts progress review meeting of research scholars once in six months which is attended by the Dean, Director, Expert Committee Members and research guide. The meeting discusses new research approaches in the selected area.
  2. The Centre organizes an open-discussion session on based on the reports and issues published in literary magazines and journals.
  3. The department also conducts interactions on higher education, literature and cultural aspects with the scholars who visit the Centre.
Future Plans of the Department

Kuvempu Sahityadondige Naavu (Being with Kuvempu’s literary acumen).

This is a unique approach to spread the literary acumen of Kuvempu. The Department has plans to publish selected works of Kuvempu in association with academical institutions and organize interactive sessions so that youths and students can participate as well as discuss.

Malenadina Anubhavagalu (Experiences of Malnad)

The seniors living in and around Malnad are living treasure of indigenous knowledge and experiences. The Department has plans to invite elders to the department and record their experiences in Malnad. The voice records shall be later published in order to spread their experiences.

Special Lecture Series: Samshodhaneya Dari

The Department has plans to organize special lecture series by inviting noted and reputed scholars and publish their papers in the form of small books.

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