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Kannada Vachana (Sahitya) Literature (Writers) has got its own importance in the world literature. The Vachana movement was not limited to the literature only but be came the movement of social reformation. Social integrity and reformation be came the motto of the Vachana movement That’s why, many poets and authors stared to study widely about the Vachana literature and Vachana writers in various modes. Kannada Departments of many universities tried to study Vachana Literature scientifically. They tried their best in order to brig out the researches in this area. But apart from these efforts, Kannada University of Hampi established in 2007 ‘International Centre for Vachana Studies’ at Kudalsangam, which is the historical step. Its objectors are to study Vachana Literature in the Socio-cultural Perspectives.

Objectives of the Centre:

There were decided by the help of Universities of Karnataka, Scholars, national and international thinkers and Math Manyas.


The main aim of the centre is the Scientific study of Vachana Culture, Vachana literature, architecture, temples, human culture. Belief and traditions various concepts which are in the Vachana literature, their origin, and development and thoughts, will be studied, comparatively. The Lang of Vachana lit will be focused comparatively. With regional Lang and its impacts on other literatures. Ph;D & M.Phil courses are already begin in this respect.

Data Collection & Analyses

For the sake of scholars & research students in the field of Vachana literature. Activities of the centre will be hoted in to the websites along with the information’s of temples architecture customs, traditions, fares & Celebrations will be provided. Kannada & Non-Kannada Vachana literatureWill be given in the form of data basis.


Endowment seminars will be conducted yearly. July 3, the birth date of Dr.P.G. Halakatti who is considered as the father of Vachana literature will be declared as ‘Vachana Studies Day’ and two days of Vachana Literature oriented functions will be conducted. For the college students, the special lectures will be conducted on Vachana Literature, the principles of Kayaka (work), Dasoha Social conscience & equality will be propagated. Related to Vachana Literature & its culture, certificate & Diploma courses will be started.


Lectures & seminars will be published in the form of books yearly, Magazines in related to Education Vachana literature will be published in English & Kannada Curriculum & Syllabus of the international Centre for Vachana Studies text will be framed by choosing the Vachanas related to the socio-cultural thoughts. Then this text will be translated in to other Indian languages.


1.Vachan Sahitya Chandolaya

Author               : Dr. S.S.Angadi

Publication       : Prasaranga, Kannada University  Hampi,– 2008

2.Hariharana Linganirasana Ragalegalu

Editor                : Dr.Gurupad Mareguddi

Publication      : Prasaranga, Kannada University  Hampi – 2009

3.Hiriyara Hiritana Hindenaitu

Author              : Dr.Vijayakumar Boratti

Publication      : Prasaranga, Kannada University  Hampi – 2010

4.Raosaheb Mallappa Shankrappa Simhasan

Author               : J.D.Sakri

Editor                : Mahesh Tippashetti

Publication       : Prasaranga, Kannada University  Hampi – 2011 

5.Halakkattiyavarannu KurituAnglabhashePustaka(Discovery of Vachanas)

Author               : Vijaykumar Boratti

Publication       : Prasaranga, Kannada University  Hampi – 2012

Educational Programs Conducted From this Centre so for:
R NTitleDatePlace
01Vachan Sahitya :Samvada Kammata30-10-2007to
Kudala Sangam
02Vachan Sahitya : Anusandanada Nelegalu16-07-2008 to
Kudala Sangam
03Nijasharana Ambigar Choudayya Vachanagala Mukhamukhi :Vichara Sankirana 22-11-2008Kalaburagi
04Dr.P.G.Halakatti Sahitya :Vichara Sankirana2008Kudala Sangam
05Urilinga Peddi : Sampradaya Sahitya Vichara Sankirana 14-03-2009Basava Kalyana
06Hariharana Bhedanirasana Drushti : Vishesha Upanyasa01-05-2009Sanduru
07Vachana Sahitya And Janapada Sahitya19-06-2009Kudala Sangam
08Dr. P.G.Halakatti Datti Nidhi Karyakramada Angavagi : Vichar Sankiran28-07-2009Kudala Sangam
09State Level Vachana Literature Workshop16-11-2009 to
Kudala Sangam
10Vachana Culture Camp28-09-2010 to
11Vachana Culture and Gender Equality : Vachana Kammata 10-12-2010Vijayapur
12Basavana Bagevadi Devastanada Vastu : Hinnota – Munnota Vichara Sankirana11-12-2010Basavana Bagevadi
13Talavargada Vachanakarara Samajika Svaroopa : Vichara Sankirana24-02-2011 to
Kudala Sangam
14Hasta Prati Tarabeti And Jagruti Shibira26-02-2011 to
Kudala Sangam
15Vachana Music Festival 16-07-2011Kudala Sangam
16Dr. P.G.Halakatti Datti Nidhi Karyakramada Angavagi : Vichar Sankirana18-03-2012Tumkur
17Basava Jayanti Programme30-04-2012Kudala Sangam
18Dr. P.G.Halakatti Datti Nidhi Karyakramada Angavagi : Vichara Sankirana30-08-2013Talikoti
19Dr. P.G.Halakatti Datti Nidhi Karyakramada Angavagi : Vichara Sankirana30-09-2015Basavana Bagevadi
20Modernism and Country Painting National Seminar 8-01-2016 to
Kudala Sangam
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