Computer Center

(The University has established a Computer Center by the financial assistance given by the UGC during the X plan.

The vision of the Computer Centre is to provide centralized facility related to computers which includes maintenance of computers, software installation, networking and internet. The Computer Center also maintains salary software, biometric attendance software, website management, e-mail service management and centralized data management of the university.)

Vision and Mission

To support and maximize efficiency in Academics, Research and Administration through ICT.

To provide value through leadership in the development and delivery of innovative computing and information technology solutions to support the Teaching, Learning, Research and Administrative goals of the university.


Computer Centre is dedicated to providing technology services to the university in support of its academic and research wings. As knowledge and technology continue to become strategic tools in teaching, research, and administration of the university, it is important that knowledge development and technology implementation and support be effective, timely, and cost-efficient.


  1. To provide a platform for good practices in technology.
  2. To develop as a technology learning centre and to streamline ICT activities.
  3. To implement a high-speed, reliable networking infrastructure that meets the current and future requirements for teaching, learning, research, and university administration.
  4. To establish a systems infrastructure in support of providing highly available and secure applications, web site, and data repositories.
  5. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative tasks and information retrieval at the university through the implementation of technology and improved administrative processes.
  6. To work in partnership with academic computing and departmental support across campus to create a campus-wide support infrastructure for ICT that will deliver competitive support and services to faculty, staff, and students.

Department Profile

Major Contribution of the Department

Kannada Language Software development:

With the intention of enabling portability of documents in Kannada, the government of Karnataka has announced the standard and a uniform keyboard layout for Kannada software. Based on the guidelines issued by the Government of Karnataka various Kannada software developers have developed their products with the prescribed standards. Due to the diversified usage of Kannada software, the existing software products are not adequate to meet various compatibility and vertical application segment requirements.

Kannada University Computer Centre developed Kannada Language Softwares:

  1. Kuvempu Kannada Software 1.0, 2.0
  2. Kuvempu Kannada Software Windows NT Version 1.0.
  3. Kuvempu Kannada Software Unicode Version 1.0

These above three software’s are freely available on the net.

Training Program :

We are conducting regular training programs for Students, Teachers and Staff Members of the University. This is in addition to providing support to the participants of refresher/ orientation courses on IT related topics.

Campus LAN :

To provide internet and intranet facilities to all the departments for data transfer and intellectual exchange and also keeping in mind communication requirements of the future, we already laid 8 km of optic fiber cables in the campus to connect 33 departmental Buildings and having 600 access points. Which includes unified Threat Management / Intrusion Prevention System solution at the gateway level to stop all malicious traffic, virus, worms, Trojans etc. into the network.

Computing Resources

The University Computer Centre has central computing laboratory for catering to the academic, research and general purpose computing needs of the students, faculty, and staff of our University. The Computer Centre is also utilized by the students from affiliated centres and Distance Education Students. The Computer Centre is also used for giving hands-on training programmes to participants of various  courses, Workshops etc. The computing laboratory has 90 Computers connected to a central Server. The Computer Centre from 10 AM to 5.30 PM on all days except National Holidays. The Computer Centre is equipped with Necessary Software Tools, IP Surveillance Cameras, Audio System and a Smart Board to teach and demonstrate.

Campus Wi-Fi

Kannada University Wi-Fi allows faculty, staff, students, and authenticated guests / visitors to access the network. The Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) facility has been provided to all the buildings located in the campus. A Wireless Controller has been installed to provide maximum Wi-Fi coverage, authentication and security. With 100 access points, around 1500 authenticated Wi-fi users are connected to Kannada University wireless network. Both wired and wireless network infrastructure at our campus has been upgraded with state of the art equipments. Over 1500 users are currently utilizing the Wi-Fi facility.

Smart Class Room

A Smart Classroom is a traditional lecture style teaching space that has available technological equipment that can be used to aid and enhance instruction of a course. The Smart Class Room in the “NUDI” Class room complex has an latest model Digital podium, a notebook computer with 1 Gbps Internet Connection, (Wi-Fi connection) Interactive Touch Screen Smart Board.

This smart class room is utilized by the University Departments and affiliated centres for conducting daily Lectures, Programming Courses, Training Workshops, Conference Sessions etc.,

Staff their designations and contact details

NameDesignationContact Details
S K Vijayendra M.Sc.(IT), M.Tech (IT) Assistant Director & IT Head Office : 08394241467
Mobile : 9448172294
Shakunthala Chowda Naik B.Sc.(IT) System Analyst Office : 08394241467
Mobile : 9480754189
C Shivaputra M.Sc.(IT), M.Phil., System Analyst Office : 08394241467
Mobile : 9448721818
G. Mamusab
Junior Assistant9481325589
Thirukappa M

Service rendering by the department

Kannada University has taken a keen initiative in the implementation of ICT applications for its administrative, academic and examination activities as follows :

  1. Maintenance of official web site of the university (
  2. The entire campus network is maintained and managed by the Computer Centre.
  3. Wi-Fi is established across the campus with 100 No. Wi-Fi devices. LAN Points are provided to individual faculty members, classrooms, seminar halls and Auditoriums.
  4. Network facility is given to faculty members, staff, students and research scholars.
  5. Computerization of University Payroll System.
  6. Management of HRMS software provided by the Government of Karnataka (under process).
  7. Implementation of Examination software in all 3 examination wings (Adyayananga, Distance Education & Fine Arts Examination)
  8. Video Conference.
  9. Maintenance of ICT activities.
  10. Management of IP Camera Surveillance System.
  11. Maintenance of Digital Smart Boards.
  12. Training programs to Non-Teaching Staff.


Procedures to avail the services

As per the requirements from all departments, Computer Centre places the required materials details to Central Purchasing Committee. After getting the approval from the purchasing committee, as per KTTP rules, we publish it on E-tender portal. Here L1 will get supply order and he will supply the materials as per our specifications. After getting the materials from the supplier we will distribute the materials as per the requirements from the Departments and also we maintain a separate stock register for every item purchased.

Kuvempu Kannada Tantramsha  (ಕುವೆಂಪು ಕನ್ನಡ ತಂತ್ರಾಶ)
  1. Kuvempu Kannda Tantramsha Version 2.0
  2. Kuvempu Kannda Tantramsha Unicode Version
  3. Kuvempu Kannda Tantramsha  N.T. 1.0 Version

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