Information Centre was set up in 1994 under the able-leadership of founding Vice-Chancellor Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar. Shri K G Vasuki, the first Director of the Centre laid the foundation stone at Kudala Sangama Building. Presently, it is functioning at Tunga Bhadra Building.

The Information Centre acts as a bridge to connect people with the academical initiatives and administrative activities of Faculty of Languages, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, symposiums, seminars, workshops, special lectures, development works, tenders and advertisements of Kannada University. It makes constant efforts to keep in touch with the visual and print media across state and Ballari district to inform the people of the state about the academicals progress of the Varsity. It regularly updates the media about the programmes organized by the Varsity authorities. Every programme held at the University is voice recorded besides video recording entire event. It uploads the invitation cards, news paper reports, photographs, videos on YouTube, Face book, websites and WhatSapp groups.

Vision and Mission

The primary aim of the Information Centre is to update people with all the official information of Kannada University.


  1. To have well equipped lab along with a separate and spacious building.
  2. To have state-of-the-art computer rooms to store the recording of seminars, symposiums, press reports, photographs in pen drives, DVDs and hard discs.
  3. To have best video cameras, still cameras and video software available in the market.
  4. To make quick updates to visual and print media about the varsity programmes.
Employees and contact details


SI NONameDesignationContuct Number
1Dr. D. Meenakshi Deputy Director9448839241
2P. Krishna Murthy Senior Information Assistant 9448448604
3D. ParameshwarappaSenior Information Assistant 9880095917
5A. Ravikumar (Adhoc staff)DTP Operator8050713248
6B. Raghavendra (Adhoc staff) Videographer9663549633
Services Offered
  1. The Information Centre prepares media reports of all the progrmmes held at varsity campus and corresponds with the media houses about the same. it also video record all the official events held at the campus or organized by the Varsity outside.
  2. The seminars, symposiums, workshops, lectures and the celebration of national festivals have been video recorded by the Centre and the same has been corresponded to the media houses for the publication of the same.
  3. The Information Centre keeps record of photos and videos shot during the programmes held at the varsity campus and keep in touch the print as well as visual media to publish the same in their respective publications and channels.
  4. The website of the university is uploaded with the videos and photographs and circulates the important information on social media.
  5. It keeps record of all the news paper reports and safely stores the video clippings and photographs.
  6. It prepares the annual report of academical activities taken up by the Varsity and corresponds with the Government authorities regarding the academical progress of the students. It uploads the soft copies on the official website of the varsity.
  7. It records the monthly reports of assistant professors and Professors.
Procedures to avail the services

The Information Centre publishes the tenders and advertisements in the news papers. The functioning of the Information Centre is always in accordance with KCSR Rues, Kannada University Act and Right to Information Act.


Programs organized to increase consciousness of national  identities and symbols
 Right to Information Act 2005

In pursuance of Right to Information Act 2005, the Vice-Chancellor of the Kannada University is the First Appellate Authority. The present Vice-Chancellor Dr. Sa. Chi. Ramesh is first Appellate Authority of Kannada University. Registrar Dr. Ashok Kumar Ranjere is the Public Relation Officer and Dr D. Meenakshi (Deputy Director of  Information Centre) is the Nodal Officer for Public Relations. As per RTI 2005 Section 5(1) and 19(1), the University has been submitting its official reports to the Education Department from time to time.

The University has been maintaining a separate file to keep the record of RTI applications and deposits the amount received as part of RTI Postal Orders. The Finance Department deposits the amount in the Varsity Account and maintains transparency at all levels.

The RTI applications are answered within the stipulated time. As per the official records maintained at the varsity, a total of 600 RTI applications have been received from 2005-06 to 2017-18. Also, the Varsity has submitted annual reports of 11 years and the annual report of 2018-19 is being prepared.

A separate book is kept to enter the RTI application and excess amount received if any is also maintained in a separate ledger. A separate file for Postal orders is maintained. Each application has a separate file and a register is maintained to record the outward applications. The varsity authorities have appeared before the Law of Court for having caused delay in responding to the applications. However, as of now there are no pending cases against the Varsity.

Events Organised By The University


123rd Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti and  107th Dr. Babu Jagajeevan Ram Jayanti Celebration

On 14/04/2014 123rd Birth Anniversary of Dr B. R. Ambedkar and 107th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Babu Jagajeevan Ram was celebrated in the Kannada University. Dr. A. Venkatesh, Deputy Registrar of Kannada University, inaugurated the programme and opined that one must follow the ideals of Dr B.R. Ambedkar.            Dr. K.M. Metry, Dean of Social Science Faculty delivered the presidential address. Dr Tharihalli Hanumathappa, Co-ordinator, SC and ST Cell of the University, the faculty members, Non-Teaching Staff and Student, Media persons were present on the occasion.

69th Independence Day Celebration    –  15th August 2015

Dr. H.C. Boralingaiah, Hon’ Vice-Chancellor(I/c), hoisted the flag on the occasion of  69th Independence Day and spoke on the importance of the Independence Day. He also drew the attention of the gathering about the committing of suicides of farmers in Karnataka and appealed the gathering to create awareness among farmers by the University Staff and Research Scholars. He also hoisted the flag in Vidyaranya Primary School of Kannada University.



Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in the University. On the occasion Prof. B.M. Puttaiah delivered a special lecture. He said that till 1990, the thoughts and values of Gandhiji were honoured. However after 1992 with the globalisation and privatisation, Gandhi’s thoughts became more relevant. Leaders began to use Gandhi as an instrument for their decisions. In India, the freedom struggle was not in a uniform way. It was Struggle of women against men as well as labourers against landlords and similarly many other issues were put forth by the speaker.

Dr. Mallika S. Ghanti, Hon. Vice Chancellor, presided over the function and opined that politicians are misusing the thoughts of Gandhi for their self motives. Dr. A. Venkatesh, Deputy Registrar, conducted the programme and Dr. D. Panduranga Babu, Registrar welcomed the gathering. Vote of thanks was proposed by B. Gurubasappa, Assistant Registrar, Mr. Yallappa rendered the prayer in the beginning.


Kannada  Rajyotsva Celebrations

Kannada Rajyostava was celebrated in the Kannada University, Hampi on 1.11.2016. The programme was inaugurated and chaired by Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Mallika S. Ghanti, Dr. C.R. Govindaraju, Professor, delivered special lecture. He briefed about the Movement of Unification of Karnataka and Historical contribution of Kannada Language and Kannadigas, Programme Coordinator Dr. Shivananda Virakthmata, Dr. Panduranga Babu, Registrar, Kannada University were present in the function.

Kanakadasa Jayanti Celebration 2015-16 

Kanakadasa Jayanti was organised by Halumata Study Chair of Kannada University, Hampi on 28.11.2015. Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Mallika S. Ghanti inaugurated by the programme. Dr. Siraj Ahmad, Professor, Sahyadri College of Shivamoga delivered the special lecture. He recalled the life and achievements of Kanakadasa and poems composed by Kanakadasa in the lecture.

Dr. D. Panduranga Babu, Registrar and Dr. F.T. Hallikeri, Programme Co-ordinator were present in the function.




Dr. Baba Saheb B.R. Ambedkar 125 Birth Anniversary and  Dr. Babu Jagajivan Ram109 Birth Anniversary

These is a need to follow one religion for India which would help the ruling section is opined by Dr. B.M. Puttaiah, Professor, Kannada University, Hampi. Dalit Culture Study Chair of Kannada University has organised conversation meer on Dharma Bharata in Bhavana Vijaya on 14 April 2016 with respect to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and Dr. Babu Jagajivan Ram Birth anniversarys.. Especially the growth of Religions India was possible due the administration of Seven Prime ministers from 1989 to 1999. The globalisation policies were implemented in all the fields. Ambedkar opined that the religion uniforms and  controls social behaviours and human behaviour the practise  customs, rituals etc are all the symbols of religion today communities and religion had become the permanent subject.. Dr. Puttaih said india needs constitutional and not any other scripture  Osamania Uinversity Professor  Dr. Lingappa goud Associate Professor Dr. Mohan Chandra gutti of sahyadra collage Dr. Yarriswamy of Women studies department  made an interacts. The president of the programme Hon V.C. Mallik S Ghanti said that it is enident from history that Budda jain Veerashaih anf others Religion gained a Remarkable Significance in india but today all these religions are troubling india . today the religions are questioning at thee street which indeed  is remorseful. There is no speech definition for Indian Religion . the other religions critiese that it has not given a scope  to man for leading a simple life . so there is need for of Religions. The Registrar Dr. D  Pandurngababu welcomed all to the programme . the coordinator of Dalit cultere studi chair  Dr Siddagangamma madem  an  Intruductory speech Anchoring  was mad eby a the Deputy Registrar Dr. Ventesh and vate of thanks by GruBasapppa

Flag Hosting on 70th Independence day

Hon’ble  V C Dr. Mallik s Ghanti hosted the flag on 70 independence day in the Kannada University. She opined one has to work with honest and devotion than  they Purpose of meaning of the freedom will be seemed. Registrar Dr. D. Pandurangababu and teaching staff and non teaching staff and all the students were present.

Flag Hosting on 70th Independence day

Hon’ble  V C Dr. Mallik s Ghanti hosted the flag on 70 independence day in the Kannada University. She opined one has to work with honest and devotion than  they Purpose of meaning of the freedom will be seemed. Registrar Dr. D. Pandurangababu and teaching staff and non teaching staff and all the students were present.


Kanakadasa Jayanti




Flag Hosting on 72nd  independence day

On 15-08-2018 72nd Independence day was celebrated going in front of the Administration Building.  Kannada University flag hosting was made Hon’ble  Dr. Mallik s Ghanti Registrar Dr. P. Mahadevaih and social science Dean Dr. Majunath Bevenkatti,  Dr. C. Mahadeva  and all Departments teaching staff and non teaching staff and all the students were present.   Hon’ble V C Dr. Mallik S. Ghanti hosted the flag on 70 independence day in the Kannada University. She opined one has to work with honest and devotion than  they Purpose of meaning of the freedom will be seemed. Registarar Dr. D. Pandurangababu and teaching staff and non teaching staff and all the students were present at day was 70 independence day in the Kannada University Hon V C Dr. Mallik S. Ghanti Distributed  Laptop for Sc and  ST Students under the scheme of S C P And TS P grants  at this at present Registrar Dr. P. Mahadevaih  and Dean of Social Science Faculty Dr Manjunath Beveenakatti , Dr. C. Mahadevaih were Present.


Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary   

Special Lecture  : Present day and Gandhi

Our country is suffering from serious problem: Dr.M.Chandra Pujari. The solution for the communal violence, inequality, devastation of rural life in the present situation is mere time being. But the permanent solution can be obtained from the point of view of Gandhi’s philosophy and theory. In special lecture on Present and Gandhi spoke that the ignorant are becoming the victims of the communal violence. The persons responsible for this at must be directly punished with autonomous administration and decisions. The Gandhi’s dreams of the concept of development and the Establishment new society will turn to reality. At present Registrar Dr. Manjunath Bevinakatti opined the contemporary society must develop a mind to accept the dalit psychologically. The also opined many of them are taking advantages of Gandhi’s theories for this personal motives.  Ex. Registrar Dr. D. Panduranga Babu, Parasanga Director Dr. Hebbale K. Nagesh, Dean of Visual Art Faculty Dr. Ashokkumar Ranjere, all Teaching Faculties, Professor, Staff and Students was attended in the programme.


Valmiki Jayanti Celebration

Sri Maharshi Valmiki Study Chair of the University organised a special lecture on ‘Relevance of Valmiki Ramayana’ on 24.10.2018 on the occasion of Sri Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti. Dr. Arjuna Y. Panganna, Retd. Principal, Degree College, Gokak, Belgaum District delivered the lecture. He narrated the different Khandas of Ramayana and it’s rich data on history, geography, mineral resources, women empowerment, etc., He stressed the need for conducting detailed study of Valmiki Ramayana in order to understand the rich cultural heritage of our country. Dr. Mallika S. Ghanti, Hon. Vice Chancellor presided over the function.


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