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Kannada university started science issues with new design and concept. Vision of this initiative is to promote study of  Ancient scientific, practices and knowledge rather than modern scientific approach discussed by the committee. Few programmes/ projects can be initiated in this regard. In the era of evolution human race has been involved with inventions and innovations in their knowledge level. Food storage hunting, weapon preparation, catting, fabrication, seed and breed development, forestry, medicine, canal system etc. still being located in rural life.

Today we have been modernised and neglected ancient knowledge. In this regard, documentation and study of traditional knowledge is an essential part of the programme. Traditional knowledge has to be studied again and made available to current generation though projects. The study can also be focussed on rain water management, Earth concept in Veda and Puranas, Architecture, metallurgy, environment and tradition, tribal medicine, folk forestry to modify present practices and to enhance one’s  living condition. Vision of this programmes/project is to carryout research work on a local traditional and technological development through innovative approaches from eminent personalities who have been worked in this field.

  • Traditional science of water conservation
  • Architecture
  • Metallurgy
  • Tribal medicine
  • Traditional technology
  • Bio-science of western Ghats
  • Earth concept in Veda and Puranas
  • Traditional knowledge on rain and stars
 Mission :
  • Science faculty will initiate Ph.D. programme from next academic year and MOU could be signed with prestigious institutions
  • Publishing books for students and public regarding simple science concepts by carrying out research activities
  • Establishing relationship with NGO’s which are working on traditional scientific domain
  • Upgrading existing system into digital form along with publication
  • Preparation and submission of budget to the authority by next academic year
  • Initializing graduation and post-graduation programmes in science with Kannada as medium of instruction
  • Recognising technical knowledge in few sectors of the society and studying their ancient practices to design view framework for ancient indigenous technologies
  • Organizing workshops / seminar/ conference/ Training programmes / symposium on science continuously
  • Designing academic programmes so as to create interest about science among student community
  • Organising programmes to eradicate superstitious beliefs which common  people possess
Uniqueness of the Faculty
  • Research and publications on indigenous science and technology
  • Research and teaching  of the science in Kannada medium
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01.Dr. Shailaja HiremathDean and chair PersonProfessor,
Dept. of Women Studies, Kannada University, Hampi
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