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Kannada University is located near Hampi, an historical place. The very name HAMPI evokes mythological and historical memories. People lived here since the Stone-age as it is evident in the cave paintings left here by the Stone-age people for posterity. Historically this place has been the abode of many religions - Buddhism, Jainism, Virashaivism, Vaishnavism, Islam and many popular religious cults like Huligemma cult, Galemma cult, Mylaralinga cult, Balabasava cult which exist to this day. This has been an important place for many kingdoms like Hoysalas, Sindhs, Kapilas, not to speak of the Vijayanagara kingdom which originated here and reigned over most part of South India for more than three centuries. Vijayanagara Kingdom has also been the icon of Kannada identity and has inspired the Karnataka unification movement, symbolically representing unified Karnataka. Hampi has also been the abode of many a well-known Kannada poets like Harihara, Raghavanka, Kumaravyasa and Purandaradasa. Hampi is the treasure house of Indian architecture and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Center.



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